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The first and most important thing you need to do is to determine your residence and domicile status

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International Business

We can assist you with VAT/IVA issues and advise on where you need to pay income tax and corporation tax.

Spanish Taxation

We work closely with other Spanish tax advisors and can liaise with your local advisor regarding your tax affairs

Inheritance Tax

Where you are domiciled can affect where you pay inheritance tax.  We can discuss this with you.

other issues

Mary Domoney is the owner of Taxing Times.

She started her career in tax with the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland, and after that spent 20 years working in the UK for a variety of specialist companies and firms gaining her extensive experience in tax and accounting matters.

Mary gained her international tax experience with Deloitte in London and Dublin, and also worked for US Tax and Financial Services Ltd.

Taxing Times is now based in Mallorca and available for your international tax needs.

Taxing Times has well over 30 years of experience in the fields of taxation and accountancy. Dealing with individuals with multi-country taxation issues is an everyday matter for Taxing Times.  With the globalisation of the world, people are living and working in a variety of countries, and sometimes living in one country and working for businesses in several other countries, giving rise to complex personal taxation issues.

In addition, businesses selling goods and services to and from a variety of countries now fall under a variety of complex compliance issues (which seem to change regularly) including VAT/IVA returns, and decisions about where income tax and corporation tax is due and payable.


If you are a UK or Irish national then Domicile is an issue as well as your residence status.


Many people don't know the meaning of "Domicile" and think that this refers to where you live.  This is not in fact the case.  Domicile is a legal term and generally refers to where you have your main ties.  You can live in Spain but still retain your UK or Irish domicile, and this can impact on your tax position.  Domicile is difficult to determine and you should take professional advice to confirm where your domicile actually is.

Would you like a worry free future?

Wouldn't we all? Taxing Times can take the worry away by taking control of your tax compliance.  We offer a fixed fee service and will confirm any fees in advance for any work required.